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Developing Space Management through an Intelligent, graphycally-supported area information system with ...

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Perform complete Management of electromechanical appliance with user-friendly navigation and ...

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Facility Audit

Reviews all building management process to determine if they are meeting the right needs. Identify ...

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Landscaping Design

Successful real estate requires more then just an ideal location, dynamic architecture, and effective cost control...

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Utility is an established company to serve community in side Qatar and overseas in the line of facility management, the concept of facility management is well thought-out by Utility owners in a wide broad sense of providing complete business solutions to all type of buildings.
Utility strategic business plan provide a framework and process to Utility Owners to focus on what their company should be doing and where it should be doing, this is well derived by a communication plan to ensure that all functional department are pulling in the same direction for the common goal of the business. This clear and clean strategy is keeping Utility always committed and passionate to business success.
Execution is done with a clar understanding of the work requirement to increase the chance for the successful implementation, resources and duration is will managed to ensure the task done on time and as required, contingencies are build to cater for known and unknown risks.
Continuous monitoring and controlling of work activities are applied throughout the activities performance lifecycle to optimize work performance and improve service quality.

Utility facility Management programs cover all the needs to operate, maintain and manage your facility. This approach ensures that all the issues are considered from both business and technical point of view as well as ensuring our excellent performance to our client in providing maintenance, analysis, records and recommendation to enhance the opportunities that is required to improve the facility operating life.

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